Bespoke editions – a powerful and cost-effective tool for charities, health organisations and businesses

Creative Pumpkin Press is delighted to announce that we have been invited to produce a bespoke edition of Making Friends with your Fertility by the London Women’s Clinic Group, which has seven fertility centres nationwide CPP is now doing a print run of several thousand books and we are specially tailoring both the interior and exterior to prospects and patients. For this 208 page fully-illustrated book LWC are benefiting from 70% off the RRP – and this cost includes tailoring the edition with some bespoke content. On the cover of each book is a roundel with their logo, and the inside includes a Foreword from Dr Kamal Ahuja, Scientific and Managing Director of the LWC.

They are giving the book away to patients and at Fertility Shows to help communicate the LWC’s holistic approach to fertility treatment and raise awareness of infertility.  For both CPP and LWC, it’s great news – our book reaches a wider readership, and by purchasing a book packed with well-researched information on the issues likely to be facing their clients ‘off the peg’ and making a few simple additions, LWC  gives their clients a useful tool for decision making, which can then support them through their treatment journey.

Currently Creative Pumpkin Publishing is in conversation with other organisations, to see if bespoke editions of our titles could work for them. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.