John Scott

John Scott has lived a varied life, but whether it’s behind the scenes of a regional theatre, working on costumes for Hollywood movies such as Interview with a Vampire or Four Weddings and a Funeral or presenting TV shows like This Morning with Richard and Judy, his love of sewing and the humble needle and thread has run, like a rich seam, through everything he does.

As a costume supervisor, stylist, fashion guru and lead expert on sewing TV, John has gained a catalogue of unrivalled expertise and here he weaves together his knowledge of sewing, quilting and fashion with eclectic stories from his extraordinary career.

Just like a cozy quilt, this book wraps you in John’s wonderful world. You can read it from cover to cover or dip into it for advice on a sewing dilemma, a hilarious tale about mixing with the mega stars or even one of his favorite recipes.

Memories and mantras, tips on dry cleaning, explanations of laundry symbols and sewing-machine feet – John Scott’s Threads of Life is, just like its author, completely unique. Never has a book on sewing been so practical andso entertaining. You’ll learn as you read and have fun doing so, because John’s voice sings from every page.

If you love John Scott, you will love this book. And if you’ve yet to discover his wit and wisdom, why not take a peek inside? You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll find!


‘I worked with this lovely man too many years ago to mention, when I was just 18, he had a huge impact on me then and still does today with his versatility and creativity. One of life’s goodun’s!’ Lucy Benjamin, Actor and star of EastEnders

‘If ever you want your wardrobe supervised, John is the one. Everything will be perfect, and you will laugh a lot!’ Duncan Kenworthy, Film Producer of Four Weddings & a Funeral and Notting Hill

‘John Scott is a wonderful mixture of amazing efficiency and great taste. I found him wonderful to work with as well as being enormous fun, plus, importantly, his team had a huge respect for him. His new book is a delight!
Mary Richards, Film Producer

‘I met John over 20 years ago on a film. I was impressed by John’s work ethic, sense of style and attention to detail. He also made me laugh more times than I could count. In this beautiful book everyone can enjoy John’s undeniable expertise and his unfailing sense of humour.’Denise Pinckley Film and TV Producer (USA)

‘John is a wonderful man, a brilliant entertainer and a great writer. His stories are the best!’ Carol McGiffin, TV personality

You can buy John’s book here and read more about him here.