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In the UK, one in four people will experience a mental health problem this year. According to  the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, in 2015-16 there were 488,000 reported cases of work-related stress, anxiety or depression. 

Mental ill health is likely to cost employers between £33 billion – £42 billion, according to the 2017 report Thriving At Work, developed for Prime Minister Theresa May by Stevenson and Farmer. This amounts to an annual cost of between £1,205 and £1,560 per employee (a cost for all employees, not just those who are ill). 

‘Many employers might not be aware of the true scale of these conditions, though, as many employees will carry on coming into work but will operate less efficiently. Their problems might not show up as sick leave or even staff turnover, but instead as poor concentration, tearfulness, short temper or changes in personal appearance. This is often referred to as “presenteeism”, which itself is estimated to cost employers in the UK between £17bn and £26bn.’ The Telegraph, May 2018

There are many ways you can take steps to support your staff and cut the costs of mental health problems. But whilst interventions such as awareness campaigns, on-site clinics and access to therapists can reduce the burden, finding the expertise, budgets and time to implement such strategies can be difficult. According to recent research by the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, 72 per cent of workplaces have no mental health policy. Which is where Creative Pumpkin Publishing comes in.

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Backed by social network peer support groups with over 10,000 thousand members and proven to work by hundreds of positive reviews, the ‘Making Friends…’ series of accessible guides to mental and physical health allows small, medium and large organisations to provide expert support to individuals for as little as £1 ($1.25) per person. 

‘Thank you so much Sarah, for this wonderful and informative book on depression. It is is such a taboo subject even today, but this lovely lady makes you feel normal and, along with Kate and Patrick, she explains everything with such care and love.’  Amazon Reviewer

  • All our books are written by trusted experts in the field 
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Deloitte has calculated the return on investment of mental health interventions at between £1.40 and £9.40 for every £1 invested. So just one copy of Making Friends with Anxiety, for instance, could repay its initial low cost many times over.